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Inside Out: Breathwork & Heart Power Practice

The breathwork and heart power practices combined help us open our hearts, strengthen intuition, and realize personal power.

Feeling depressed, anxious, lonely, isolated, disconnected, addictions, and or bad relationship patterns. You’re not alone. These are the norm in our culture of repressed feelings and unintentionally closed hearts. 

Come join us as we learn to use the breath and a few other tools to open our emotional bodies and release the thoughts, behaviors and emotional pains that are blocking true connection to our hearts/selves/others/Spirit. When the heart finally reopens and is unencumbered by past repressed pain, the body and mind return to their natural state of peace and joy. We experience our childlike innocence, the present moment, and desire real open hearted human connection.

Depression, anxiety, addictions, and bad relationship patterns easily fall away. Our open heart, strong intuition, and resulting personal power now guide us toward expanding connection as love for self and other replaces fear as our default state of being.

Come help build a heart conscious community. This planet evolves the more your heart opens... and it feels amazing!

suggested donation: $10-$20

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