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A Shamanic Approach to Accessing the Tree of Life

A profoundly uplifting Esoteric Talk/Transmission by Rita Hraiz. This gathering will offer deep insight into the Incoming Seventh Ray, Cosmic Divine order and Ceremonial White Magic in this sacred time of waking up. Rita will speak about the unfolding of the divine plan in this Age of Aquarius where we are moving from Lower Psychism to Telepathy. This time together will focus on how to transform from disharmony to inner peace and depletion to radiance. By living in right relationship with ourselves and others we can embody selfless service beyond just survival. 

Only in this vibration of deep transformation, can we learn to soften into liberation, experience inner spaciousness, and really see our own divinity.

suggested donation: $10-$20

Rita Hraiz, an elder from Glastonbury UK,  has been a student of Ageless Wisdom, Solar Philosophy, Shamanism and Esoteric Psychology for the last 24 years. She has internationally held Dharmakaya Retreats for the last 14 years carrying these ancient teachings to sacred lands. Her circles provide a clear sanctuary space, giving many an opportunity to really anchor into their own divinity. Through her knowledge of White Tantra and the Science of Kundalini, she helps individuals access their own intuitive body wisdom. Rita Hraiz's ultimate core passion is to uplift and to serve humanity by deepening the practice of conscious sacred sexuality and liberating the soul from any limitations. 

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