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Etheric Body Movement


Etheric Body Movement: A somatic movement experience. A place for those committed to growth, expansion and dynamic connection. A time to allow the outside world to fall away, release what no longer serves and reveal the elegant nature of who you truly are. Greeting other from this place allows the language of the heart to guide us and deeper exchange to unfold.  

Coming together: There are so many powerful circles where men meet with men and women gather with women, which is beautiful and necessary. However, coming together as a collective, in addition to the modalities that we are already singularly working, is the next level of service to our collective evolution.  

What you can expect: a safe and held container where all of you is welcome. After greeting everyone in the room you will be guided in a solo somatic movement practice. From there we will explore being with other from a new place. These experimental exercises are here to imprint new or forgotten ways of being with other. 

What you leave with: a greater alignment with self, connected to source and being known by other. These elements will allow why you are here to be more present in your body so you can have a far greater impact on the world.

tickets: $22 early bird / $27 at the door



RANA WILSON brings a level of devotion and dedication to each circle that is palpable from the moment you walk in the room. She creates a deep and heart connected container for you to drop into. You will find her work grounded in the body yet connected to the unseen spirit of things.

She has spent over 15 years in deep practice and study in the feminine arts, somatic movement, yoga, Tibetan meditation, the art of polarity and creation of oracle cards.

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