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Etheric Body Movement


Etheric Body Movement: is an experiential evening that serves to release accumulated emotional burdens stored in the body. Movement as medicine leads to the body releasing what no longer serves. By clearing blockages, we begin to hear our heart’s inherent wisdom, know self beyond ego, and align with source.   

We end the evening relating to others more authentically than is normally possible. The experience is euphoric, deeply loving and incredibly connecting.

tickets: $22



Rana Wilson brings a level of devotion and dedication to each circle that is palpable from the moment you walk in the room. She creates a deep and heart connected container for you to drop into. You will find her work grounded in the body yet connected to the unseen spirit of things.

She has spent over 15 years in deep practice and study in the feminine arts, somatic movement, yoga, Tibetan meditation, the art of polarity and creation of oracle cards.