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A Breathwork Journey


By accessing a non-ordinary state of consciousness, this form of breathing enhances creativity, confidence and clarity allowing you to get clear on what you want, then showing you the path to take to get there.

Breathwork is a powerful form of active meditation done lying on your back, breathing to music. In this class you will be guided through a 3-stage breath that effectively clears out energetic blockages so you can tap into your intuition and higher potential.

*Breathwork is best done on an empty stomach, so please try not to eat for at least two hours before. 
*Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket.



This class is popular. Pre-registration recommended!



Chris Keener is a dancer, yogi, meditator, surfer, and Kung-Fu practitioner who believes embodiment is foremost in well-being. As the director and executive producer of the Netflix series ‘We Speak Dance’, he works across borders motivating conscious movements and blowing up dance floors. As host for outlets like National Geographic and Travel Channel, he specializes in educating in a way that is accessible, actionable, and often quite hilarious. Constantly deep-diving into various breathwork traditions and the science behind them, he's on a mission to make these techniques available to everyone.

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