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SORNE Vocal Workshop Experience

By reclaiming the power of one’s voice, I believe that we can become stronger. more confident, fully realized people, and in turn, inspire and empower others.

In this workshop critically acclaimed vocal artist SORNE guides fellow singers through a series of basic vocal exercises with the intention of opening the heart and mind, breaking through inhibitions and mental barriers, allowing for the exploration of the voice. He uses harmonies from his music so that attendees can sing along during his performances if they so choose.

1st Half

  • Begins with breathing techniques, conditioning body for vocalizing effectively.

  • Warm up exercises to open the vocal cords, extend range and prevent damage to larynx.

  • Melodic scales are used to familiarize vocalists with personal range of voice.

  • Learning of intervals between notes, improving awareness of pitch and melodic relationships.

Break - 15mins

2nd Half

  • Harmonization between sections of the group where each section is given a part.

  • Cultivation of emotional symbolism, triggers and resources within the emotional landscape to promote authentic singing.

  • Group harmonization with soloist moment where each attendee can sing out what they hear and feel with the vocal support of the group singing a harmonic motif together.

*Please bring a water bottle, personal journal and pen or pencil.

entry: $30

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"If Tool and Jeff Buckley had an orgy on Peyote in the desert and created a love child, that baby would be Sorne; Rooted in the transfiguration of suffering into something that gives life."
- RealitySandwich

"SORNE is one of the most exciting voices to emerge lately; incendiary, hallucinatory storytelling”
- Newfound Journal

“Nonconformist in nature, brilliant in execution. This is absolutely phenomenal in every sense of the word. Music cannot get more unique and authentic as this.”
- Sputnik Music

"Easily one of the most eccentric and eclectic singers I have ever heard. An extraordinary and unique talent. Kinda ethereal opera electronica meets David Bryne and Kate Bush. Nothing else like it."
- Will Henshall



SORNE is an enigma. A true polymath in the highest sense of the word. A multi-disciplinary, award-winning, prolific visual artist, musician, actor and filmmaker, boasting an unparalleled vocal range with perfect pitch. He brings listeners to tears with his angelic falsetto, and churns crowds into a writhing frenzy with his other-worldly sound.

Sorne has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine’s top 50 finds at South By Southwest in 2015 and Art in America for the 2009 Texas Biennial. He has performed and shown his work at some of the most prestigious venues in America and Europe, winning over the hearts and minds of audiences at Art Basel Miami, Irving Plaza in New York and Ableton's LOOP conference in Berlin.

Having performed on the stage since the age of three, Morgan has passionately pursued his career at all levels, earning a BFA in studio art, and has achieved the critical acclaim of noteworthy musicians and creative titans of the performing arts. To date, he has received Avant Garde Artist of the Year by the Austin Music Awards, successfully funded and fulfilled a Kickstarter for his epic, six-album opera, House of Stone, currently developing a new live experience with Dolby and illustrating a 200-page graphic novel with actor, poet and musician Saul Williams entitled "Martyr Loser King" to be released internationally through First Second Books in 2019.

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