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Heal the Ancestors in YOU: Ceremonial Ancestral Workshop

What if your obstacles, depression and trauma were passed down through your bloodline? We live as one branch of our family tree, disconnected from our roots and often unaware of the lives of our family before us. Our ancestors are what we become, so have you ever wondered what they lived through and how that affects you in your daily life?

Let’s build a new relationship with ourselves by honoring our roots, the land and the people who came before us. Join us in understanding your ancestors, acknowledging their stories, and clearing any inherited emotional entanglements by participating in ceremony. Let’s open up the lines of communication through shamanic soundscape. Tap into the unconsciousness to connect with our true essence of SELF. 

Please feel free to bring any family heirlooms that you want to offer to the altar we will create together. Bring your intention of what you would like to clear or heal in your soul. 

What you will experience:

  • Ceremonial ritual, offerings to ancestors, honoring of the land

  • Primal breathwork and movement to open up our body and mind

  • Individual shamanic sound journey and energy clearing

  • Joining together to elevate the collective consciousness

tickets: $30


Jummee Park is a vitality coach who is passionate about helping people connect with their essential selves and natural state of joyful being.

She integrates her deep knowledge of Eastern religion and philosophy with a broad education in Western healing modalities including Zen meditation, Feldenkrais, anatomy, authentic movement, yoga, Tantra, breathwork, Chinese medicine, nutrition, and Taoism, among other practices.

She blends the essence of these teachings to provide an integrated healing experience for mind, body, and spirit, helping people feel healthy, vibrant, and joyfully alive.

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