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Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is a soundscape Meditation offered with the help of carefully curated music and hands on, quantum energy work designed to move participants into a waking dream.

This workshop is for seekers, creators, visionaries, music lovers, non- meditators and seasoned meditators alike, for those working through trauma, humans looking to connect with community, integrate polarities, gain a deeper awareness of unity consciousness and anyone wanting to foster a loving relationship with their higher self, the angelic realm and/or the divine.

Inner Alchemy ain’t your average sound bath. Nor is it for those who are uncomfortable keeping their eyes closed throughout a 60 minute journey.

Throughout the workshop participants can expect to experience the transmutation of personal story and trauma, channeling, Kundalini awakenings, anchoring into bliss and unity states of consciousness. We offer an opening portal into the body and spirit via breathwork and voluntary check in at the beginning and end of each class, where each member is welcome to share or not share to their intention, reflection and/or realization.

tickets: $30


Chelsea Didier is a visionary, intuitive awakening mentor, master healer and embodiment specialist who supports artists, healers, entrepreneurs and creators fully step into authentic body and soul alignment. She is a somatic and result-oriented mentor, empowering her clients to harness their next level of clarity, awareness, balance and integrity in connection to self, business and in relationship.

Chelsea believes that each individual is uniquely grappling with his/her life obstacles, yet, with the same life purpose and ultimate goal for a self-fulfilling future. She incorporates a multitude of techniques and tailors roadmaps to fit ones unique needs, in order to encompass elements of spiritual, emotional and physical awakening. She is dedicated and known for consistently showing up with radical honesty, making any process fun and guiding others to inhabit their bodies so that they may finally feel safe to unleash their deepest truth/ medicine.

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Michelle Marie Day’s initiation into the spiritual arts began when she was introduced to a Vipassana practice in 2015. What immediately followed was a rapidly unfolding journey which lead her on a path that included the Phillipino shamanic work she is carrying forth at Sanctum, as well as Reiki, Intuitive development, Crystal Grid work, studies in the Western Hermetic tradition and conscious movement. Her Awakening came in fast and purposeful, as though it had been buried under years of knowing a sovereignty that had long awaited to be discovered. 

It is through the artistry and remembering revealed by these practices that Michelle came through a process of healing her own history of deep childhood trauma, as well as a decade of past drug abuse. Her love for sharing this work with others is in showing humans that they can be present with every part of themselves. Her philosophy is that through an acknowledgement of all parts and polarities we may re- connect, replenish and integrate any darkness into our most loving transformation. Michelle’s palpable connection to the resilience of the human spirit can be felt as she holds deep space for all beings in process.

Later Event: January 13
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