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MAX Meditation + Sound Healing Frequencies

MAX Meditation System™ is a foundational practice for transformation, inner transmutation, and real spiritual progression. It is the potent synthesis of the best meditation techniques from Eastern and Western traditions, modern science and NLP that make this system powerful and effective for all. The fusion of these meditation techniques accelerates your ability to completely relax your body and mind. It also facilitates your capacity to access altered states of consciousness and find real inner peace.

The MAX Meditation System™ streamlines the meditative process in a simple, powerful, and direct format to get you optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

Benefits include:

- Reduced stress and anxiety and the resulting symptoms of a stressful lifestyle.
- Discovery of true relaxation and how it feels for your body and mind.
- Greater ease with being present and in the moment in your everyday life.
- Increased focus and ability to detach from negative thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, and distractions.
- Greater emotional, mental, and physical resilience.
- Enhanced connection to intuition and development of your psychic senses.

tickets: $25



Philipp Schardt is a guide and healer within an ancient 3000 year old mystery school lineage and tradition that holds the keys to awaken the highest potential within anybody who seeks deeper knowledge and applicable, empowering tools for every day to live and embody the highest potential possible in this life.

With his transformative sound healing events and empowering meditations, Phillip Schardt has shared stages with spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra or world musicians like Jai Uttal. Philipp teaches the Max Meditation System™ all around the globe for international corporations and also has worked together as a music producer and musician with international multi-platinum artists like Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Take That or James Morrison and many more.