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Sound Of Awakening


Sound Of Awakening is the music of producer and sound alchemist Philipp Schardt, sound healer Ava Levine and celestial and angelic healing voice Kadija`Maa. 

Based on the principle and Pythagorean tuning of A=432hz and Solfeggio frequencies — the fundamental and natural frequencies of earth and the universe — this intuitively orchestrated and transformative sound journey unites Hollywood like score music, Solfeggio and angelic frequencies, lush nature land-and soundscapes, instruments from acoustic guitar, bass, futuristic synthesizers to flutes and many others.

Enhanced by sacred words and melodies that are in unity with the highest light, opening sacred pathways for divine information and healing to enter the sacred space of sound. This vibration activates and aligns the cells of the human body and it brings you into a more aligned state of well-being which allows you to release stress, anxiety and opens potential for more inner wisdom, clarity and higher guidance.

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Philipp Schardt is a guide and healer within an ancient 3000 year old mystery school lineage and tradition that holds the keys to awaken the highest potential within anybody who seeks deeper knowledge and applicable, empowering tools for every day to live and embody the highest potential possible in this life.

With his transformative sound healing events and empowering meditations, Phillip Schardt has shared stages with spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra or world musicians like Jai Uttal. Philipp teaches the Max Meditation System™ all around the globe for international corporations and also has worked together as a music producer and musician with international multi-platinum artists like Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Take That or James Morrison and many more. 


Ava Levine has been teaching and facilitating yoga, meditation, and sensory/sound therapeutics joyfully for over 12 years. Working as a massage therapist with doctors in pain management and rehabilitation studying nutrition, using crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils, gems, and intention coaching in her holistic practice. Then working at the Chopra Center assisting the director of operations, and aided Panchakarma (detox) clients and guided meditation, mantra, and mudra. She is currently 500hr+ certified Yoga instructor through Prajna Yoga in Sante Fe with Tias Little, Cloud Nine Yoga in Laguna Beach, and received certification for Aerial Yoga and & Restorative through Atmosphere Yoga.

Ava is also a certified Healing Touch therapist and Reiki practitioner. A frequency/ energetics healer (crystals, colors, sounds, aroma, geometry), sacred space designer, ceremonial costumer, dancer, and fire performer. She is honored to now be teaching, and the lead of the sound meditation, and sensory infused program at the Montage Laguna Beach. She is also a personal sound healer of the high priestess of Bali. Facilitating, aiding in production and performing at studios, festivals, retreats, churches, and private venues across California, the U.S., and the globe is in her Dharma.


Kady Taylor is Berlin based Healing Voice KADIJA'MAA. Her Voice is known to be angelic and celestial. As a Sacred Space Holder and Energetic Coach, she navigates Divine Energies to activate the Higher Heart and the Higher Mind. Her purpose is to assist you to unlock your Divine Inner Truth and to strengthen and nourish you to continue to walk your own individual Path of Divine Purpose.

As a Kum Nye Teacher from the tibetan Nyingma Tradition (meaning the Ancient One), she enjoys to share an effortless practice, that unites body, mind and spirit. A unique combination of Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama and Mindfulness, that gently guides you to feel yourself in an unexpected depth. Exploring your feelings and emotions is key to your inner wisdom and key for manifestation. It is a simple practice for healing, wellbeing and for an enhanced and centered presence in everyday situations.

Earlier Event: December 30
Later Event: January 2