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Inner Flow Breathwork & Sound Bath

Join Michelle Berc and Skye Ray for a healing breath and sound journey that will relax the mind, balance energy centers, and rejuvenate your spirit. 

Inner Flow sessions weave breathwork and sound healing together to offer a complete vibrational tune-up for the mind, body, and spirit. The program includes light breathwork with vocal toning leading into a deeper breathing session that will raise your body’s frequency to meet your spirit. This allows the release of blocked energy and a connection to deep healing insights. Once the work is done, relax into a blissful sonic universe of a live and acoustic performance of sacred and rare instruments such as Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sacred Drums & Percussion, Gongs, Didjeridoo, Tuning Forks, and more. Sounds and vibrations are tuned to 432hz – a natural frequency found in nature and sacred geometry which are more nutritional for the human being.

– Emotional Balance
– A Clear Mind with Increased Focus
– Feel Lighter in Your Body
– Deeper and Restful Sleep
– Stress Relief
– Harmony and Flow
– Deep Relaxation when other Meditation Techniques Fail

Energy Exchange: 
Early Bird: $30
Door: $35 

How to RSVP:
Please reserve your spot by sending your contribution by using one of the following options:
— Paypal to: (please click sending funds to “friends and family” or add $2 if you insist on the service button).
—- Venmo to: @Michelle-Berc (please include your email addy)
—- Use your credit card with an extra $2 service fee by clicking here: link coming soon
— Walk-ups will only be accepted if the event doesn’t sell out

Prepare for your experience:
– Please arrive at least 10 minutes early
— Dress in layers so you are able to adjust your body temperature
– Eat a full meal 2 hours before or a light snack if closer to the workshop start time
– Many like to bring Crystals and a bottle of drinking water to be cleared and amplified by the powerful tones produced by the crystal bowls

Limited Space!

Michelle Berc has been practicing Sound Healing for over a decade and has received a certification in the field from the Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco. Additional trainings include Vibrational Sound Therapy, self-studies, and multiple workshops from leaders in the sound therapy field. She is known for her signature ‘Sonic Being’ chakra balancing sound bath with the crystal bowls. She recently became a certified HeartMath practitioner as well as a trained breathwork facilitator.

Michelle is also the founder and curator of the Create:Fixate Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to supporting emerging artists and musicians. Exploring and understanding human energy through art and music has been a passion of Michelle’s since her childhood. 

Later Event: August 21
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