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Whole Body Integration Ceremony

Whole Body Integration Ceremony is an invitation to come into greater awareness with your Source Energy and it’s innate healing and creative powers that be. 

This ceremony will provide a highly elevated space through the use of a LifeStream Energy Technology, sound bath, white roses, Ayurvedic clay packs, smudging, and most importantly our intentions and open heart to awaken the healing and creative powers of Source Energy.

During this two hour ceremony the following elements will be provided to provide a WHOLE and holistic approach to aligning with our natural balanced and unified state for our body to naturally start “self correcting” any imbalances in our field. 

  • LifeStream Energy Technology
  • Live Sound bath by Andrew Colombini 
  • Guided Meditation by Jade Rose
  • Hands on Energy transference by Jade Rose
  • Bio-Field testing before and after the Ceremony
  • Ayurvedic Mineral Claypacks*
  • Holotropic Breathwork Guided by Andrew Colombini 
  • Smudging and Rose Water misting

*Ayurvedic Mineral Claypacks are available in a micro dose to the hands and feet of those interested and of those in resonance. Due to the clinical strength of the claypacks, one's state of current health will be determined by asking the bio-field directly through Quantum Reflex Analysis Bi-Digital O-Ring testing. If the body has enough minerals on reserve to cleanse the toxins, one will receive a micro dose of this treatment then one will be performe. All will be welcome to the ceremony with or without receiving claypacks.


You may experience a breakthrough, Kundalini Awakening, emotional release, bliss, instant manifestation of your desires and beyond as your innate Bio-Field “auto corrects” any imbalances straight from the heart!

So please come hydrated, intentional, well rested if possible (or recharge in the Ceremony) and allow yourself some time after for integration. This will support you in creating the best experience during and after.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, water, pen and paper (optional) and your openness to purify, awaken and balance your bio-field.

We are honored to be available for such a life changing experience. Thank you in advance for showing up for yourself in these intense times.

All ages welcome!

Suggested donation: $33 (No one turned away due to lack of funds.)

Additional Information:

  • Street parking
  • Additional water provided
  • Bring sacred items to amplify your field 
  • More on LifeStream Energy Technology

Email questions to Jade Rose at


Jade Rose is a multifaceted practitioner of several healing modalities including Multidimensional Awakening, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Colon Hydrotherapy and Belvaspata Angelic Healing. Through Jades private and group sessions she has helped thousands connect deeper with their bodies and awaken the infinite potential of their Source Energy to elevate their consciousness, health and well being. Jade Rose has been cultivating sacred body arts for 7 years now, weaving both ancient, learned and intuitive practices. She loves the challenge of each client journey and enjoys seeing the radical transformation as Source Energy is channeled for healing, awakening and manifesting.

Andrew Colombini is a Divine Frequency Channeler, Certified Sound Healer and Music Producer. After climbing the corporate ladder he followed his intuition to pursue music production. With his intention of giving back through sound, a divine calling lead him to merge his work with sound healing. Andrew works with healing instruments, natural and electronic atmospheres to attune your frequency to that of your highest self.

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