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Weaving the Feminine and Masculine

Masculine and feminine energies are alive in each of us regardless of gender. In partnership we play out masculine and feminine dynamics often times without being fully aware of the ways that we are limiting ourselves and limiting our depth of connection. Tantra teaches us to be more aware of how we are holding our energy and to come into balance so that we can express who we truly are and be more fulfilled by life.

One of the fundamental teachings in Tantra is learning to be present with the body sensations and get away from being stuck in our heads. The more busy your life, the harder it can be to turn the mind off and just FEEL.

In this class we will be doing practices that will help you to have a personal experience of embodiment with your breath, and light (non-sexual) touch exercises with a partner to experience the simplicity of connection and communication through touch.

Our sexuality is a key part of who we are and how we express ourselves. Our ability to feel pleasure, and feel worthy of that pleasure is rooted in our self esteem and affects every aspect of our lives.

This workshop will help you feel more alive in your body, release shame around receiving pleasure, and help show you the power of your own sensual experience.

Tantra is about connecting your mind to your body, and your sex to your heart. Breath work, partner meditations, safe touch and yoga are all practices we use. 
These practices are founded on the principles of Tantra yoga and Taoist energy cultivation. It is incredible to be able to apply these ancient tools to our modern lives because we need them now more than ever.

All are welcome to come and have an experience of an open minded, safe, tantra community.
There is no overtly sexual touch in these workshops, and no nudity. If you have a partner, bring him/her, but it is not necessary to come with a partner. 
If you have a friend, bring him/ her. (non-sexual relationship is fine)


These practices have changed my life and have brought more satisfaction, presence and love to the lives of many of my friends and clients. I look forward to seeing you there!!

What to bring: Yoga-type clothing, water, pen + paper if you like.

Cost: $20 individual; $35 for two (Buy 2 tickets and discount will be refunded at door)

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