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Breathwork & Sound Healing Ceremony

Join us for a healing and transformational experience as we reconnect with the love and wisdom within through the power of breath and sound. Daniela and Shakti will be guiding a breathwork and sound healing ceremony to support us in purifying our being and activating the remembrance of our divine essence.

Daniela Gil will be holding supportive space as we purify, release, elevate and expand our consciousness through the breath. Breath is the portal between the conscious and subconscious - as we build prana in the body through the breath, we open the energy channels, awaken the inner healing capacity of the body and spirit, and pave the way for the exploration of deeper meditative states and expanded, elevated states of consciousness. Daniela holds a safe and sacred space for her breathers to drop in deep.

Shakti Mayumi will be guiding us on a sacred sound journey through the light realms within our own being using her voice and healing instruments such as the Heart chakra attuned crystal singing bowl, medicine drum and flute. She will be vocally channeling angelic tones, Light Language and shamanic frequencies as we are held in the loving support from our angels, masters and guides. These celestial sound transmissions are shared with intention to activate healing across all dimensions of our being that best serve our Greatest Good in alignment with our Highest Self.

Daniela and Shakti's synergy cocreate a nurturing, womb-like space where all are embraced in an energy of bliss and universal love. Daniela's Akashic channeled guidance through the breath initiates a receptive, expansive state, amplifying the sacred transmissions of Shakti's healing sounds to reach the depths of our being. They will both be channeling Reiki healing energy throughout the experience creating a field of light where all will be held in a safe, sacred container. Their pure presence together and ceremonial gatherings inspire experiences of profound peace, deep heart expansion and sacred surrender to the love we are ♥

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and (optional) an eye cover. You will be laying down, so bring anything you'd like to use to set up a comfortable space. 

$20 presale, $25 day of / at the door.
Presale tickets will be available until midnight PST on Wednesday evening. 
Venmo: @daniela-gil
Paypal: (no "m")

We're so delighted to co~create, share and hold this sacred space with you all! We welcome you with lots of love ♥
~Shakti & Daniela

♥ ♥ ♥

About Shakti and Daniela:

Shakti Mayumi is a Sound Healing Artist, Reiki Master Practitioner and Ceremony Facilitator. Her mission is to be of loving service to Planetary Awakening, Transformation and Remembering through the medium of sacred sound, energy healing and commUnity connection. She leads intentional ceremonies and healing circles throughout California incorporating meditation, movement, prayer and sound to activate the Embodied Light of our Soul into the Here and Now. Shakti serves as a bridge between Heaven and Earth through channeling celestial frequencies with her voice and creating sacred spaces for transcendent, interdimensional Healing. Her private practice and group gatherings reflect her dedication for gently guiding people back hOMe in the Heart and reconnecting to the infinite peace, wisdom and Love within. It is her deepest Joy to share her soul gifts with the world and inspire all to align with their Greatest Purpose.
For a personal Reiki Healing and Sound Ceremony, PM Shakti if you would like to know more or schedule a session.

Daniela Gil is here to support your spiritual growth, healing and empowerment through her work as a(n): Akashic Records Practitioner; psychic intuitive; channel for higher perspective; breathwork facilitator; yoga teacher; meditation guide; and Reiki master. She helps her clients and audience to know themselves - to remember who they truly are - by sharing higher perspective. Her commitment is to the elevation of human consciousness so that we may embody greater love and restore joy, truth and harmony to humanity. She is based in Los Angeles and travels internationally to speak, share her work, and offer Akashic Practitioner Trainings.

To learn more, book a reading, or register for a training, visit:

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