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Embodied Archetypes

Within the Collective Unconscious lies four distinct archetypes:


In the modern-day world we have lost connection to these ancient wisdom’s and individually they can manifest as:

  • Addiction

  • Depression 

  • Shame

In relationships they can manifest in:

  • Hiding

  • Fear

  • Projecting

These archetypes are containers that hold powerful patterns and if we learn how to embody them, we can unlock the archetypes’ power. In doing so, we can access deeper levels of insight, wisdom, and creative energy, and gain a level of understanding that exists beyond the limits of the rational, linear mind.

In this workshop you will learn how to integrate these archetypes through the practice of Kundalini yoga, Chi-Gong and interpersonal mirroring exercises in order to:

  • Feel into each of the archetypes and there ability to guide you to your true heart center

  • Charge your nervous system to hold deeper more connected space

  • Have new and inspired interactions with the masculine and feminine

Please bring your yoga mat and wear loose fitting clothing. Be prepared to move your body. Singles and couples are welcome. 


investment: $30 at the door

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Josef LeMieux is an LA-based men's group facilitator, speaker and teacher. He utilizes Kundalini Yoga and the arch-types to guide men into a deeper connection with their bodies and minds.

With over 5-years working with mens organizations, Josef helps to facilitate embodiment driven workshops for creative leaders, entrepreneurs and working professionals.

Josef is a Taoist and Chi-Gong practitioner and brings his practice into his teachings.

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