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HELD is a place for you to relax and ground. To leave your worries and devices at the door. To be with others who embrace the value of human connection and healthy touch, and believe in its power to feed mind, body and spirit.

The evening is a guided experience with exercises in pairs, small groups, and as a collective that let you explore:

  • Eye contact and truly seeing one other 

  • Listening with full presence and non-judgement

  • Giving/receiving non-sexual touch

  • Practicing communication and consent

Benefits of HELD practices can include:

  • Increased oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine (feel-good hormones)

  • Decreased cortisol (stress hormones)

  • Reduced symptoms of depression

  • Better sleep

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Relief of physical pain and tension

  • Improved communication and intimacy in relationships

All comfort levels are welcome. We’re here to meet you where you are, while aiming to expanding your awareness and comfort zones.

*Doors close at 7:15 to maintain the integrity of the space. HELD is a substance-free experience and we request that you not consume any mind/emotion-altering substances before or during the event.

entry: $33 early bird/ $44 day of

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Aviva Mohilner is the founder and lead facilitator of HELD. Her background is in brand strategy and communications, and her heart is in human connection. After decades spent as an unapologetic hugger and hearing how much people longed for touch, she was inspired to give birth to HELD.

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