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Intuitive Yoga Flow


Allow yourself to move more intuitively  as a state of moving meditation — uniting mind and body as one for 90-minutes of complete intuitive flow , and hopefully taking some of that  flow and vibes form your mat and back out into the world.

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Ari Beers started Anahata Conscious Living with the vision of improving the lives of others by teaching the power of wellness and conscious living. While traveling and studying abroad with gurus, masters, teachers and guides both formal and informal, as well as healing herself and volunteering in South America, Asia and Portugal, Ari discover her passion for improving the lives of others.and decided to devote her life to awareness and wellness. With this vision and passion, Ari strives to enrich communities and empower others to understand, improve and balance the body, mind, and spirit (Heart/Atma).  

Earlier Event: February 24
Later Event: February 27