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Breathwork & Sound Bath

Give yourself the gift of time and space to heal and let go of anything that does not serve. Breathwork is a powerful technique that allows the participant to detach from the mind, activate the body, and release tense, stagnant energy leaving one open and aligned - the perfect space to drop into a deep relaxing crystal singing bowl sound bath.



Nick Buckles is a spiritual enthusiast whose healing adventure authentically began in 2014 after heartbreak drove him to turn inwards and seek deeper answers to questions he had only started to ponder. He found many teachings and modalities along the way that have helped him explore the depths of his being and choose new truths about himself. As his practice deepened, he felt the call to share what he had learned and hold sacred space for others, and soon began training as a breathwork and sound healing facilitator.

Earlier Event: February 20
Later Event: February 24
Deep House Yoga