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Explorations in Astrology, Volume I

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Astrology, considered an occult art form in Enlightenment Era, is originally sourced from ancient wisdom and Jungian philosophy. This activating introductory workshop will teach astrological foundations and how it can  cultivate self-awareness. You will  learn about the 12 archetypes/signs/houses, the meanings of the planets, specifically the basic principals of the sun, moon and rising signs, and the archetypes that make up their personal natal charts.

The workshop is suitable for beginner astrologers or for those that know nothing about astrology but have been curious. Students will gain a general understanding of the language of astrology, why it can be helpful in self-development and healing, and leave with an elementary understanding of their natal chart.

*Please email your natal chart info to after purchasing your ticket.

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Kathryn Diaz LMFT @Astroccult is a licensed psychotherapist, astrologer and artist practicing in Santa Monica, CA.  As a seeker, she has an insatiable desire to know, question, inspire and create.  This seeking is what led her to astrology years ago during a time of self-analysis and deep reflection.  It helped her so much personally, that she began to use it in her practice as a therapist with her clients so that she could understand them on a deeper level, and to (hopefully) inspire them to know themselves more, and to further cultivate their self-awareness.

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