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Spring Equinox Shamanic Sound Healing w/Nacho Arimany


For thousands of years indigenous cultures have understood the profound effect that the rhythmic patterns and sounds of nature have on our well-being. This eternal pulse of life is woven throughout nature, from our own DNA to the galaxies, making it the source of deep transformation and healing.

Join us for this exquisite sound journey Spring Equinox celebration with sounds of the elements and ancient traditions, led by acclaimed world music composer Nacho Arimany.

I see myself as this connector between cultures and I let the instruments play themselves through me... rhythm has this amazing property of bringing roots and rhythmic patterns and pulsation from different cultures into one Eternal pulse.
— Nacho Arimany



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Nacho Arimany is more than a multi-instrumentalist (playing over 100 instruments), he is a translator and a channel for bridging dialogue across and between different cultures: a dialogue expressed through universal rhythms spoken by all of us. While his style is close to jazz and flamenco, it has resisted labeling as it is an experience of world and natural sounds combining to paint a picture of humanity across cultures. With influences of oriental melodies, Indian and West African percussion, as well as flamenco rhythms, Nacho creates a sound which he describes as “a prism with a lot of faces.” As an artist who has performed as soloist at prestigious large venues and events around the world including the New York Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and 2018 Latin Grammys it is a treat to be able to experience his music within the space of an intimate setting alongside a small group.

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