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Angel Activation: Energy Upgrade Sound Bath


Call in your angels and upgrade your energy with a deeply relaxing and healing Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath. In this intimate and in-depth experience, you'll unplug and reconnect as you attune yourself to a higher frequency. Following a collective energy reading and intention setting dharma talk, you'll set powerful intentions for positive change for the days weeks and year to come. Then lie back, relax, and delve deep on a journey within. During a full length sound bath, you'll be guided by Susy's angelic voice and the healing sounds of her crystal alchemy bowls as you float into a state of deep relaxation where your tension and stress will melt away.

Based on ancient healing techniques, vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to recalibrate the mind, body, and spirit. These healing frequencies stimulate alpha, theta, and delta brain wave frequencies, balance the hemispheres of the brain, and promote a sense of ease and inner peace. In addition to relief from chronic pain and migraines, benefits of a Sound Bath include improved sleep, reduction of stress and anxiety, as well as a renewed sense of well-being, calm, and happiness. 

*Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket.



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Susy Markoe Schieffelin is an internationally known teacher, healer, and coach. She grew up on the East Coast where her "busy" life led her to face struggles with anxiety, alcoholism, and addiction. Through her own journey into recovery, she discovered the life changing benefits of sound healing, meditation, and yoga. Following her move to Los Angeles, she made it her mission to share the tools that helped her to find hope and heal. Susy is known for her “sunshine spirit,” mindful way of living, and loving dedication to empowering others to create positive change in their lives. Her sound baths have been described as "other worldly" and "a mind blowing experience that is a must for people new to meditation."

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