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Waking The Warrior Within w/Aunty Ivy

Come sit in ceremony to awaken the inner medicine of your true self.


In this 3-hour ceremony you will experience a peaceful and harmonic vibration from multiple teachings from universal elder, teacher and healer, Aunty Ivy.


Aunty Ivy will welcome us with an Ancestral Calling, connecting us to our higher dimensions. Then she will share elemental teachings through story and cultural songs. We will then connect and interact with nature in a healing circle of release and transformation following a prayer in action of gratitude. We will close with a water ceremony, giving back life to Mother Nature. 

Ancestral Welcome to Ground 
Elemental Teaching with Songs 
Connection to Nature Circle 
Gratitude in Action Tool 
Water Ceremony of Heart

All of these teachings are full of heart intention, that will allow inner healing and grounding of heart to leave feeling lighter, brighter and 100% loved. 

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Your generous donation will support Aunty Ivy’s global mission in healing lands and people, and training frontline leaders and ambassadors. Her mission and teachings will be spread through the creation of a documentary.

Specifically you will help bring Jasilyn Charger, catalyst of the Standing Rock, South Dakota movement to Los Angeles to collaborate on a global documentary project with Aunty Ivy.



Universal Elder, Teacher and Healer

Aunty Ivy is a mother, grandmother, spiritual teacher and healer, proudly born in Aotearoa, NZ. A descendent of Polynesian, Asian and European bloodlines, Ivy’s ancestral medicine of universal healing, integrity and unity as one indigenous people, is touching lives across the world.

Called by the spirit to serve others, Ivy was chosen as a child, and trained in the spiritual lineage of her grandparents, and has been guided by numerous elders, teachers and healers from all lineages throughout her life. She has since dedicated her life to her family, the earth and it’s people, as a healer, social worker, counselor, youth and family specialist, indigenous advisor and liaison, governmental ambassador, mother and now grandmother.

Aunty Ivy’s mission is to heal and strengthen our relationship to the earth, our ancestors and each other, through communion with the elements and spirit. She is calling for the spiritual warriors to wake up to themselves, and take responsibility for humankind’s biggest challenges; The environmental crisis, governmental corruption, human trafficking, racial conflict, and the legacy we are leaving for our children.

Twenty years ago, elders in Aotearoa prophesied that when When Ivy’s first grandchild came into the world, she would be ready to lead her prayer across the waters and spread her message of universal integrity, and love. Ivy’s markings tell that story, and that time is now!

This year will see many of the seeds that have been planted on ivy’s journey come to fruition: The reversal of global trauma, the purification of the sacred waters, and an awakening to the medicine within us all. Ivy’s universal prayer began in New Zealand and will culminate in Africa with a celebratory dance for peace and harmony, at the end of 2018.

Later Event: June 23