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Breathwork + Sound Bath

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This session combines the powerful breathwork breathing technique with the soothing healing of crystal singing bowls to activate and process your turbulent energy and leave you feeling refreshed, clear, and aligned.

We will begin with a three part breathing technique which oxygenates the blood and activates the energetic body, allowing for rapid processing of trapped emotions, traumas, and blocks. You'll be guided in the process but have the freedom to control your pace and intensity of your experience.

We'll then transition into a deep sonic journey with a crystal singing bowl sound bath. Each bowl is tuned to the resonant frequency of one of the seven primary energy centers, and when played helps to cleanse and energize the chakra system, bringing you back into harmonious alignment.



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Hi! I'm Nick, and I'm so glad you found me. I grew up outside of Chicago, and enjoyed a modest, healthy, happy upbringing in a stable household. I moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to attend college, and found a job right out of school. Life was “on track".

But something inside me knew there was more, had to be more. And one day, for seemingly no obvious reason, my world fell apart. My wake-up call was abrupt, and I soon resolved to get to the root of it all, no matter how deep I had to go, and to find and choose a new way of being, living, and loving myself, and others.

Since then my journey has taken me far and wide in exploration of the various healing modalities and techniques taught throughout the world. I found what worked for me, distilled the essence of the teachings I learned, and work every day to live consciously in service.

It is a lifelong journey. The work is never finished. That’s part of the deal. You can’t get it wrong and you’ll never get it done. Just decide you want to grow, put your energy into that intention, and then give it your best — because you deserve it. 

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Later Event: April 14
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