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Breathwork Chi Gong

  • Sanctum 2121 Lincoln Blvd. #B Venice United States (map)
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This is a flow of medical Chi Gong. Chi Gong is an ancient Chinese medicine-based series of movements that stimulate and nourish the meridian systems of our entire body. It has been used to cure chronic diseases and is a secret training for many Chinese doctors and martial artists. Chi Gong is very accessible for all people, all ages, all mobility levels. It is gentle, powerful and nourishing. 

In this Breathwork Chi Gong class we begin with 30 minutes of guided breathing and visualizations. Once our body is charged up, we move thru a series of movements that clear stagnant energy (Chi), regulate each organ one-by-one, and tonify and energize our organ systems with fresh Chi. We’ll end the class with a brief meditation to nourish and ground the practice. 

*This class is best done on an empty stomach, so please try not to eat for at least two hours before.




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Zander Ford has been studying Chinese medicine and martial arts for over 7 years. He’s trained with legendary teachers, including training at Temple Of The Celestial Cloud, Temple Of Original Thunder, and the Temple Of White Horse in Wu-Dang mountains of China.

He is an Esalen certified body-worker, cranio-sacral, and medical Chi Gong practitioner. He studies Tai-Chi, Chi Gong, and Bagua Kung Fu. 

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