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Breathwork For Entrepreneurs

  • Sanctum 2121 Lincoln Blvd. Venice United States (map)

Being an entrepreneur or business professional is incredibly challenging. Making important decisions, putting out fires and keeping the ship afloat can be overwhelming on the best of days.

Do you ever feel stuck in your head? Barely holding it together? Unable to be present for loved ones? It’s time to BREAK the negative pattern of stress, overwhelm and burnout, reconnect with your purpose and reclaim your life!

Breathwork is a practice whereby a person breathes into their
diaphragm and chest in a rapid fashion. The result is that the body is
flooded with oxygen thus changing the psychological state of the

In just 30 minutes of breathwork, people experience a greater sense of calm enabling higher levels of focus, clarity and creativity.

This two hour workshop is divided into three parts:

  1. ventilation (unload the stress)

  2. the BREATHWORK practice for clarity and reconnection

  3. integration and coaching for sustainability in life

Abraham and Soraia will lead participants through a process of integrating their breathwork experience in order to create practical and tangible strategies to alleviate stress and increase performance in your work.

*Please note that space is limited. Register now to secure your spot!
*Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket.




Abraham Heisler.png

Abraham Heisler is a mindset and performance coach with over 20 years of experience teaching meditation and personal growth. He has a Tony Robbins style of motivational coaching that when combined with the power of breathwork lays the ground for psychological breakthroughs.

Soraia Heisler.png

Soraia Heisler worked in the film industry on projects such as Aquaman and Le Mans 66. During her time working in Hollywood, she experienced work related stress and burnout. Breathwork helped her turn her life around. Her subtler style of coaching is a perfect compliment to Abraham when facilitating a breathwork session.

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