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Breathwork For The Heart (Fridays) - sub Madeline Giles


Relax your mind, open your heart, nurture your soul and experience a wonderful, deep healing journey.

In this class Manuela Schoepfer (sub Madeline Giles) will guide you in a 3-stage breathwork journey. She treats you with aromatherapy and crystals, so you can experience a deep and loving transformation.

Breathwork is an ancient active meditation technique that focuses on moving stagnant energy through and out of the body. It releases strong emotions, old stories, limiting beliefs and it helps to reduce anger, sadness and fear. conscious breathing is extremely calming and clearing for your mind. It is such a wonderful medicine. The experience is powerful, profound and sometimes even psychedelic.

Why Breathwork?

  • you alone choose who and what you want to be

  • create space for your own reality and your own beliefs

  • step into the highest version of yourself

  • raise your vibration

  • open your heart, give love and accept to receive love

  • start to heal yourself

  • embrace the unknown

  • love yourself

*Breathwork is best done on an empty stomach, so please try not to eat for at least two hours before. 
*Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket.


or 1 coin

*walk-ins welcome


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(sub for Manuela Schoepfer)


Madeline Giles is a certified spiritual counselor, breathwork teacher, and herbalist. She founded Angelic Breath Healing with the intention to shift spirituality from a concept to an embodied experience. Madeline leads regular breath classes in Los Angeles, virtually, and internationally, encouraging people to look within their hearts for the comfort, clarity, and guidance they seek.

Madeline holds a safe, sacred, and nurturing space that facilitates compassionate self-honesty and transformation from the inside out. She is deeply committed to her personal practice and doing the work within herself, as she knows she can only guide her clients as deep as she goes within herself.

Surrounded by trees and water is where she is the happiest and can gather her energy. Our mother earth provides strong medicine in all aspects and they heal our minds, bodies, and spirits. Manuela truly believes in the ancient herbal healing art, the indigenous knowledge and rituals. Everyone is able to reach her or his full potential, because everything you need is already within, below, above and around us.

Earlier Event: October 17
Later Event: October 19
Saturday Morning Breathwork (Saturdays)