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CBD + Healing Energy Sound Journey

Join Kait Boehm and Greg Grandaux in an energy healing sound journey, that combines multiple healing modalities targeting your mind, body and soul.

Sound permeates your tissues and thoughts. It can trigger the release of stuck emotions and memories, while creating a deep sense of relaxation. Exposure to various frequencies and tonalities can bring up what is still part of your unconscious mind. Through the combination of ancient instruments and intuitive vocalizations, Greg will guide you on a journey transporting you into your own resonance. Breath and movement will be incorporated to connect yourself to your own body and create a sense of ease.

In addition to sound, Kait will hold space for you to release anything that is no longer serving you at your highest good through a combination of the Akashic Records and Reiki healing modalities. Both methods have the capacity to open your heart towards increased self-love, clear out stagnant blocks, refresh and uplift your energy, while also working to heal your physical, mental, and emotional self.

CBD optimizes the mind & body efficiently and naturally.  It supports normal neurological functioning by feeding the endocannabinoid system, which controls our immune functions and brings balance back to our over-stressed, modern day systems. For an additional $3, sample the most bioavailable CBD oil on the market that’s been referred to as meditation in a bottle.

Dress comfortably and feel free to bring crystals, blankets or pillows of your choice.  You will be fully supported throughout this process of Relaxing, Releasing and Receiving.

investment: $30 individual / $50 bring a friend

How To RSVP:
Venmo @claritywithkait or Paypal to
(please include your email address and name/s of participant/s)

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Kait Boehm is a Transformation Guide, Source Healing Practitioner and Teacher who uses her exceptional intuition to see beyond her client's stories to lead them to profound healing, energetic shifts and success in all areas of their lives. @claritywithkait

Greg Grandaux is a Multi-instrumentalist, Sound healer and Educator with international experience bringing his teachings to all generations.