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Exploring Higher Perspective: Intro to the Akashic Records (FREE EVENT)

The Akashic realm is the all knowing, all encompassing realm of infinite possibility from which all life arises. The Akashic realm reveals higher perspective, which is like the psychic spiritual Google of life: in exploring higher perspective, you can ask and “look up” anything and receive guidance, insight, and high vibrational energy from the Akashic realm. 

This higher perspective and high vibrational energy naturally alleviates us of lower vibrational beliefs, habits, and emotions, catalyzes an elevation of consciousness, and creates changes within the circumstances of our lives. Exploring higher perspective is a transformative experience that initiates growth and supports empowerment and the embodiment of great love, joy, trust and integrity. 

In this Intro to the Akashic Records, Akashic Practitioner Trainer Daniela Gil will be sharing how to access higher perspective and what is required to be a clear channel for the knowing of the Akashic realm. Followed by a live group reading in which you'll have the opportunity to ask questions in an Akashic channeling with Daniela! 

Commonly explored topics are: love; relationships; big decisions; how to break disempowering patterns or habits; dharma/life purpose; career; health; finances; life goals; dream meanings; how to manifest your conscious desires; past lives; future possibilities and more. 


Daniela Gil Akashic Records

DANIELA GIL is a gifted psychic intuitive spiritual teacher and healer who shares Akashic perspective and energy that elevates consciousness and empowers her clients in realizing their highest potential.

In an Akashic Soul Session, Daniela offers Akashic perspective around her clients questions along with high vibrational energy that alleviates them of lower vibrational beliefs, emotions, behaviors and life circumstances, creating lasting and tangible changes within their lives.

Daniela travels internationally sharing her Akashic Soul Sessions and Akashic Practitioner Trainings. She also offers Akashic Record Readings, Ceremonial Breathwork Journeys, Reiki, Yoga, and Guided Akashic Meditations.

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