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Hypnosis Metamorphosis


Dive into visualization and deepening techniques, entering the hypnotic state in a powerful communal setting.

While in trance, we feed the subconscious mind with positive transformational suggestions designed to help lift you into alignment with your best self and highest vibration. We avoid palliative soothing and aim to make direct positive change at the subconscious level. When we change the thinking, we are freed to change the negative beliefs which then begets positive change in behavior.

Come enjoy a state shift — whether simply relaxing or perhaps making more significant pivot. You'll absorb unconditional self-love, cleanse lower vibrational thinking, and feel elevated. 



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Michael Gallagher is the founder of HeARTbreak Studios, a lifelong lover of art, and a certified guided meditation practitioner and hypnotherapist. He is also a part time meditation art instructor at CSUN, a certified Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist, Medical Hypnotherapist, and has completed yogic teacher training courses, has worked at a meditation studio, and devours mindfulness centered content in his free time. Michael has both experimented with art as a lifelong hobby, and has had formal art education. His exploration of the subconscious mind includes the modalities of unfettered artistic expression, guided meditation/ visualization, and hypnotherapy (both in private sessions and group settings).

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