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Plant Music Breathwork (Tuesdays)

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Through the practice of breathwork, we fill our emotional centers with breath, then purify them through our hearts and release that which needs to be let go — allowing more space for our own unique vibrations to be expressed.

Plant Music Breathwork is different from other breathwork classes in that it is accompanied by music generated by plants. Plants are living beings just like us, but much more sensitive. Through Plant Music, we monitor data harvested from subtle fluctuations of plant biorhythms and translate them into sound. These fluctuations are, in part, a result of a plant's response to its environment—both in realms humans perceive and those that only a plant can sense.

Through plant music, we experience a harmonious sonic environment that is not only relaxing, but may also respond to the change in energy of a room due to our relaxed state. This becomes very useful in breathwork practice helping us tune into our feelings and intuition.

*Breathwork is best done on an empty stomach, so please try not to eat for at least two hours before. 
*Please bring a yoga mat and/or blanket and a journal.


or 1 coin

*walk-ins welcome


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Joe Patitucci is a multimedia healing artist working to foster connection to intuitive states and the natural world. A central part of his work is the design of harmonious environments that provide space for guests to explore, discover and connect to subtle realms of reality. 

As founder of Data Garden, Patitucci produces public art and products including MIDI Sprout, a device that translates plant biofeedback into music, and Plants FM, an online streaming service delivering live plant music. Through Plant Music Breathwork, Patitucci combines his artistic practice with his training in deep listening, sound healing and pranayama to open participants to new places within themselves. 

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