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Sovereign Sister Circle

An empowering evening of connection and embodiment for women only.


Imagine a “Knights of the Round Table” of empowered female leaders…

Join Urban Goddess Founder Amanda Young and a tribe of conscious sisters for an empowering evening of connection, embodiment, and ritual centered on helping you step more deeply into claiming yourself as a sovereign woman.

To be sovereign unto yourself is to sit on your inner throne. No one else can crown you. No one can validate you. No one outside yourself can give you power or permission. Only You. 

A sovereign woman emits a frequency when she walks into any space that commands respect and devotion, and also liberates those around her to access their own sovereignty and power. As a sovereign woman you lead with authority, confidence, and grace. You have a strong sense of self-worth, you value yourself deeply and you lovingly claim ownership of your space, your body, your relationships, your work life, and anything that falls under your domain. This is a mature energy, a ripened woman who is ready to sit comfortably in her throne of power.

We are gathering a circle of sovereign women to support each other in standing in this level of extraordinary power and grace. We invite you to join us if you feel like now is the time to claim your throne. We all need support in order to unfaltering stand in our sovereignty regardless of shifting external circumstances.

Even when you've achieved quite a bit in your life, there can still be some part of you that is undermining your success, and your happiness. Some part of you that is holding you back from reaching the true potential you have for greatness in love and life, by limiting you. When you are not accessing your true sovereign self, you lapse into feelings of victimhood, disempowerment, weak boundaries, and painful compromises that have you step out of alignment with your soul.

Your sovereignty is a moment by moment navigation! And it is something that is determined solely by you, not by external circumstances. Only you can crown yourself.

In this evening we will explore the archetype of the Holy Queen, and look at the lower vibration archetypes of the Princess, the Wounded Queen, and the Slave Girl. We will identify places where you are still relinquishing your power, and share practices that help you seal up those leaks in energy, so you can  stand in your sovereignty more consistently.

The evening includes exquisite music, movement, breathing, womb work, connection time, and written exercises.



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Amanda Young has been supporting new paradigm female leaders to own their feminine power through her courses, retreats, and private coaching with her company Urban Goddess for over 10 years. Her unique approach based on Goddess archetypes and embodiment practices empowers women to be both exquisitely soft and feminine, and courageously bold and fierce in activating their dreams.

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