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The Breathworkshop

The breakthrough you’ve been seeking.

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Join us for a deep dive into the breath, as we embark on an extended 60 minute Breathwork journey through the innerspace of the psyche — removing the clutter that blocks us from our limitless, creative essence.

This style of Breathwork is an effective method of cleaning our inner landscape, so that we have the space, and clarity neccesary to start creating the life we’ve always imagined. By hyper-oxygenating the body through this transformative breath (inhale/inhale/exhale), we’ll turn down the “thinking mind” and gain access to transcendent dimensions within ourselves.

With the door to our subconscious wide open, you’ll have a rare opportunity to experience insight and creativity, not available in the ordinary waking plane.

No matter where you are on your journey, if you are looking for expansive change in your life, join us.

*Breathwork is best done on an empty stomach, so please try not to eat for at least two hours before. 
*Please bring your favorite blanket, comfortable clothes, a journal/pen, water bottle and an open mind.



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Rob Starbuck discovered his passion for breathwork after playing football at Georgetown University, then moving into a 9-5 post college. Rob felt called to leave his previous life behind and move to LA to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It was through this transition from Chicago that he found the power of breathwork and is now sharing this transformative practice with others around Los Angeles. Rob believes breathwork to be the most effective modality in achieving clarity, connecting with our authenticity, and tapping into the deep pool of creative energy we all have access to. Through breathwork, Rob's goal is to inspire you to be your unique, authentic self, so that you can impact the world in a way that only you can.

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Earlier Event: May 30
Later Event: June 2