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Un.done: Exploration — Journey Of The 5 Senses (women only)

  • Sanctum 2121 Lincoln Blvd. Venice United States (map)
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Sensuality is the juice of each moment in our living experience. And yet, we so often move through this life in a daze. Less concerned with the journey and more consumed with the end goal.

What if we were to slow down and get present to the millions of experiences that are co-occurring in our environment?

What might we discover if we decided to open up, get grounded, and allow pleasure to lead the way.

Welcome to Un.done.

Where we undo the negative stories and messages from our past about our bodies, about being in our sensual expression, about what it means to be safe, about being among other women. In this special class we will be immersed in an experience catered to igniting your senses, bringing you our of your head and back into the pleasures of the moment.

What makes this class unique is that we come together to practice in our underwear (whatever that means for you), letting go of self-judgment and getting to know what it feels like for our skin to touch skin as we move the way our body wants to.

Dr Cat's style of teaching gets us to slow. it. all. down. so we can better connect within ourselves creating stronger interoceptive awareness--a person’s ability to detect their own internal bodily sensations. Bringing women to be more aware of their internal body cues may decrease external body awareness, or objectification of our own bodies.

The music journey is lead by singer and song producer Lena Ozea whose sensual and rhythmic beats supports the grounded, yet liquid experience.

And even more...

A Breathwork journey meant to break through barriers of stagnancy, rigidity, and unprocessed emotions to bring you into your fullest expression.

Class is followed by an integration circle to close the container of what is released.

*This is a women only event.





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Sex therapist and international yoga teacher for over 11 years, Dr. Cat has led thousands of women calm the buzz of their nervous system, find the love of being in their bodies, and tap into their sensuality.

Founder of SexLoveYoga, host to Eat.Play.Sex Podcast, and co-creator of Goddess Celebration, she is dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality, our bodies, and what it means to be a woman.

Singer. Songwriter. Producer. DJ. Lena Ozea is the true embodiment of the what it means to be an artist. Her music is an intimate expression of her emotions through sound. Blending sultry vocals with sensual beats she hopes to break down barriers and connect with her listeners on a visceral level. Lena is passionate about using music and dance as healing tools as well as bringing awareness to women innovators in male dominated industries.

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