The Inner Sanctum

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Leo Marrs

Founder / Director

Leo Marrs is a polymath, cultural creative and wizard. His work is an exploration in evolution by intelligent design — the conscious harnessing of evolutionary principles to design and create a more benevolent world. From a lineage of mystics and meta-minds, Leo's mission is to quicken the evolution of consciousness and culture through the enactment of his unique synthesis of knowledge.

Leo was born and raised in the Tongass Rainforest of Alaska and brings his connection to the nature into everything he does.

Susy Markoe Schiefflin

Susy Markoe Schieffelin

Sound Healer

Susy Markoe Schieffelin is an internationally known teacher, healer, and coach. She grew up on the east coast where her "busy" life led her to face struggles with anxiety, alcoholism, and addiction. Through her own journey into recovery, she discovered the life changing benefits of sound healing, meditation, and yoga. Following her move to Los Angeles, she made it her mission to share the tools that helped her to find hope and heal.

Susy is known for her “sunshine spirit,” mindful way of living, and loving dedication to empowering others to create positive change in their lives. Her sound baths have been described as "other worldly" and "a mind blowing experience that is a must for people new to meditation."


Chris Keener

Breathwork Guide

Chris Keener is a dancer, yogi, meditator, surfer, and kung-fu practitioner who believes embodiment is foremost in well-being. As the director and executive producer of the Netflix series ‘We Speak Dance’, he works across borders motivating conscious movements and blowing up dance floors. As host for outlets like National Geographic and Travel Channel, he specializes in educating in a way that is accessible, actionable, and often quite hilarious. Constantly deep-diving into various breathwork traditions and the science behind them, he's on a mission to make these techniques available to everyone.

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Sarah Fina

Nidra Guide

Sarah Fina is a guide of Yoga Nidra and Breathwork, a practitioner of the Rising Star and Prema Birthing Healing Systems, and a facilitator of community events. She has actively been a student of the body and the mind for her whole life. It’s not necessarily what she was seeking as much as it was simply her nature to observe and explore the relationship of consciousness and the navigation of the human experience through her own. 

All of her work is centered in the awareness that we all have the opportunity to heal and awaken to the love within us in this life, and created to show people their own.


Morgan Sorne

Vocal Coach

Morgan Sorne is an enigma. A true polymath in the highest sense of the word. A multi-disciplinary, award-winning, prolific visual artist, musician, actor and filmmaker, boasting an unparalleled vocal range with perfect pitch. He brings listeners to tears with his angelic falsetto, and churns crowds into a writhing frenzy with his other-worldly sound.


Manuela Schoepfer

Breathwork Guide

Manuela Schoepfer is a yoga instructor, breathwork guide, and Reiki practitioner from Switzerland. As an intuitive healer Manuela holds space for her students, she supports and guides them so they can grow and shine with a clear, open mind and a receptive heart free from fear, anger and suffering. In her yoga and breathwork practice she works with aromatherapy, smudging rituals, crystals, and Reiki. Together with her students she creates a cozy, peaceful, and sacred space. Manuela is continuously learning and studying with her wonderful and inspiring students, her master teachers, healers and instructors from all over the world. She loves to give back to her community and leads classes and workshops in Los Angeles and Switzerland.

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Zander Ford

Movement Guide

Zander Ford has been studying Chinese medicine and martial arts for over 7 years. He’s trained with legendary teachers, including training at Temple Of The Celestial Cloud, Temple Of Original Thunder, and the Temple Of White Horse in Wu-Dang mountains of China. 

Zander is an Esalen certified body-worker, cranio-sacral, and medical Chi-Gong practitioner. He studies Tai-chi, Chi-Gong, and Bagua Kung Fu.

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Rob Starbuck

Breathwork Guide

Rob Starbuck discovered his passion for breathwork after playing football at Georgetown University, then moving into a 9-5 post college. Rob felt called to leave his previous life behind and move to LA to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It was through this transition from Chicago that he found the power of breathwork and is now sharing this transformative practice with others around Los Angeles.

Rob believes breathwork to be the most effective modality in achieving clarity, connecting with our authenticity, and tapping into the deep pool of creative energy we all have access to. Through breathwork, Rob's goal is to inspire you to be your unique, authentic self, so that you can impact the world in a way that only you can.

Madeline Giles Angelic Breath Healing.jpg

Madeline Giles

Breathwork Guide

Madeline Giles is a certified spiritual counselor, breathwork teacher, and herbalist. She founded Angelic Breath Healing with the intention to shift spirituality from a concept to an embodied experience. Madeline leads regular breath classes in Los Angeles, virtually, and internationally, encouraging people to look within their hearts for the comfort, clarity, and guidance they seek.

Madeline holds a safe, sacred, and nurturing space that facilitates compassionate self-honesty and transformation from the inside out. She is deeply committed to her personal practice and doing the work within herself, as she knows she can only guide her clients as deep as she goes within herself.

Joe Patitucci.jpg

Joe Patitucci

Breathwork Guide

Joe Patitucci is a multimedia healing artist working to foster connection to intuitive states and the natural world. A central part of his work is the design of harmonious environments that provide space for guests to explore, discover and connect to subtle realms of reality. 

As founder of Data Garden, Patitucci produces public art and products including MIDI Sprout, a device that translates plant biofeedback into music, and Plants FM, an online streaming service delivering live plant music. Through Plant Music Breathwork, Patitucci combines his artistic practice with his training in deep listening, sound healing and pranayama to open participants to new places within themselves.


Solé Weller

Nidra Guide

Wellness lives in Solé’s bones and comes from her soul. She was born into a yogic community in California. Three decades later, yoga remains the foundation of her life. It’s her joy to share this ancient wisdom with you.

Solé’s approach to Yoga Nidra is compassionate, true to the lineage, dynamic, and accessible. She creates a nurturing environment for personal transformation.

Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher

Art Therapist / Meditation Guide

Michael Gallagher is the founder of HeARTbreak Studios, a lifelong lover of art, and a certified guided meditation practitioner and hypnotherapist. His goal in combining mindfulness and self-expression is to help people settle into the feel good flow of the moment, transferring internal energy to the outer world in a cathartic (or fun!) release.

Michael is also a part-time meditation art instructor at California State University Northridge. He has both experimented with art as a lifelong hobby, and has had formal art education. His exploration of mental health and the subconscious mind includes these modalities of unfettered artistic expression, guided meditation/ visualization, and hypnotherapy.


Erin Telford

Breathwork Guide

Erin Telford is a breathwork facilitator and healer, acupuncturist, Reiki Master, herbalist and a teacher of David Elliott's Level One Breathwork Healer Training. Her work guides people to look within, open their hearts and heal their relationship with themselves. Her group sessions, trainings and retreats empower her clients to connect to their innate wisdom so that they can find the answers they are looking for.


Zeraphina Quenby

Sound Healer / Vocal Coach

Zeraphina Quenby is a harpist, performer, singer/songwriter, reiki master and certified yin and vinyasa instructor from Los Angeles. Beneath her tongue lives an invisible muse and lyrical maiden who evokes the imagination of its listeners. Her curated experiences are playful, fun and filled with eclectic music.

Zeraphina currently performs and teaches with her harp at various events and venues in the Los Angeles area.